Waterproofing for Residential Buildings

Turnkey Solution for the entire building envelope from foundation to rooftop.Bitumen based liquid membranes, torching membranes, Polyurethane liquid membranes, Polymer-based pastes and mastics.

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Waterproofing for Civil Engineering

Affordable Solutions for New Roads, Roads Renovation, Airport Runways, Bridges. Bitumen based membranes, Bitumen Emulsions, Materials for Road Maintenance, and Sports Coating Materials.

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Wax Emulsions

Wax Emulsions for the production of water resistant plasterboards. Highly efficient waterproofing agents enabling natural and synthetic gypsum boards to feature superior moisture resistance.

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80 Years of Waterproofing Experience

Waterproofing Company in Johannesburg

Product lines range from bitumen-based liquid membranes, bitumen torching membranes, through Poyurethane liquid membranes, emulsions and sealants, coatings and adhesives, to thermal and acoustic insulation.

As a result, Pazkar provides high quality, comprehensive proofing and insulation solutions for the construction and infrastructure industries.

Pakzar LTD, today, is the leading company in waterproofing services is well-renowned for our efficient processes, top of the line product usage to carry out these processes, and our outstanding customer care. Holding the ISO 2002 since 1995 and the ISO 9001: 2000 since January 2003, we maintain the highest certified quality standards which not only meet but also exceed out clients’ expectations.

Our Research and Development team works tirelessly to improve our services and hone our skills to the advantage of our clients. Our product line includes bitumen-based liquid membranes, bitumen torching membranes, Poyurethane liquid membranes, emulsions and sealants, coatings and adhesives, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation.

We recently introduced an innovative water-based Polyurethane Liquid membrane called InoPaz H20 which is a revolutionary product that makes use of water-based Polyurethrane material for the purpose waterproofing. Our product range goes to show how we prioritise the needs of the clients and for our responsibility to bring them the best product and service available in the market at the time. At Pakzar, we work continuously to improve our services and providing our clients with high quality services for construction and infrastructure-based industries. Moreover, Pakzar works especially hard to craft environmentally friendly products as it imperative for us as an organisation to contribute as less as possible to the carbon footprint. It is therefore that our products feature the Eco-Friendly seal to indicate our ongoing pledge to attend to and prevent environmental concerns.

Pakzar’s commitment and ability to deliver the best products and services while maintaining its eco-friendly and eco-cautious stance makes us stand out from our competition in the market and this is, precisely, what makes us the best option for technologically advanced and well-equipped prospective clients who also aim to protect the ecology as much as they can. Whether you are a contractor, distributor, or architect, if you are looking for a company to provide the best deal for the most efficient and effective waterproofing which gives you the best value for your money, Pakzar is the right choice for you.

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EMULWAX 200 SEmulwax 100PAZ PRIMEREPOXY PRIMER XL-100PRIMER GS/474Supertight AluminumSupertightUniversalPlastopazPolyplastPOLYPAZMASTER WALLAcrylpaz SuperAcrylpazMASTER ROOF™Inopaz H20Rapidflex RTElastoflexMaster FlexElastomixEasyflexElastopaz SprayElastopazRapidflex
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