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Pazkar LTD is largest manufacturer of waterproofing products.

Product lines range from bitumen-based liquid membranes, bitumen torching membranes, through Poyurethane liquid membranes, emulsions and sealants, coatings and adhesives, to thermal and acoustic insulation. 

As a result, Pazkar provides high quality, comprehensive proofing and insulation solutions for the construction and infrastructure industries.

Established independently in 1934, Pazkar was purchased by and became a subsidiary of Paz Oil Company in 1969.

Over the years, Pazkar has earned its reputation as a leader in the waterproofing industry, due to the professional level and excellent performance of its products, as well as the company’s dedication to customer service.

Pazkar’s obligation to its customers is indicated in several aspects of its operations. 

First, Pazkar consistently meets quality assurance standards. 

The following certifications were issued by the Standards Institute of Israel (SII) and by the International Certification Network IQNet:
ISO 2002 -- since 1995 
ISO 9001: 2000 -- since January 2003.

Commitment to customers is further demonstrated by Pazkar’s focus on and constant investment in the development of products that anticipate market requirements. 

Working at the cutting edge of technology, Pazkar’s R&D department works to hone existing products as well as to create additional product lines.
Most recently, Pazkar introduced an innovative water-based Polyurethane Liquid membrane, InoPaz H20.
InoPaz H20 is a revolutionary product that proves waterproofing capapilities by a water-based Polyurethane material.
This is just one example of the company’s unique ability to create a valuable synergy while addressing the demands of both ecology and the market.
In fact, creating environmentally friendly products is one of Pazkar’s guiding principles. 
That is why we have added the Eco-Friendly seal to our products, indicating our ongoing pledge to attend to environmental concerns.
Pazkar is please to offer its products and services to contractors, distributors, and architects and civil engineers.

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