Waterproofing Environmental Concerns

When you choose Pazkar, you guarantee the safety of the end-users and consequently the satisfaction of your immediate customers. 

As one of the first Israeli companies to sign the 1998 treaty for reducing the emission of gaseous pollutants, Pazkar has a proven record of its involvement in environmental concerns.

Pazkar’s current certifications and memberships include:

  • Radon tight accreditation by an authorized German laboratory
  • ISO 2002 -- since 1995
  • ISO 9001: 2000 -- since January 2003
Pazkar`s mission is clear: to prioritize environmental considerations in terms of both manufacturing practices and product performance.

To this end, Pazkar allocates a significant portion of its budget to ensure control of toxic substances and environmental contaminants, through the purchase of high-end equipment. 

Training seminars are conducted accordingly, in order to familiarize employees with the proper use of machinery and equipment and thus involve all levels of personnel in Pazkar’s environmental mission. 

Simultaneously, Pazkar invests in the development of environmentally friendly products. 
Our recent efforts to improve the performance of water based sealants have produced a successful outcome: the first waterborne polyurethane liquid membrane for waterproofing - InoPaz H2O, patent pending.

With the Eco-Friendly seal on Pazkar’s products, your completed construction projects can deliver a promise of safety and reliability.

For more detailed information, please see our product catalogue.

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