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Pazkar’s reputation as a leader in the industry is due in no small part to its R&D division.
The goals of the R&D division are three:

To lead and create new directions in the industry 
Pazkar has the ability to envision an inventive direction for the development of the industry and to foresee emerging needs of civil engineers and building and design professionals. 
This is an indication of the company’s far-reaching and comprehensive understanding of the construction and infrastructure industries. 

The R&D division at Pazkar seeks synergistic solutions that correspond to professional requirements for innovation while complementing the company’s environmental mission.

Pazkar’s InoPaz H20 is an example of such forward-thinking development. 
Pazkar is the first and only company in the world to develop a water based, polyurethane, non-toxic waterproofing product!

To improve existing products 
The end user is at the focus of this goal: the R&D division visualizes the features of the perfect product and then works to realize them, by

  • Enhancing resistance to UV
  • Eliminating or reducing toxicity
  • Enabling faster drying time
  • Extending shelf and pot life
  • Increasing the variety of product application methods
  • Making products more cost effective
  • To adapt products to customer specifications
To provide our customers the added advantage of creating new, customized versions of existing products in order to comply with your project needs.
  • Adapting a product to meet the demands of local standards
  • Matching the color of a coating according to customer’s sample
  • Identifying and altering product viscosity and flexibility to optimize it for customer specified location and gradient.

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