A two-component water based epoxy primer.

Product Description
Epoxy primer XL-100 is an advanced ecologically friendly primer.
The primer features excellent adhesion to Concrete, Bituminous membranes, wood, Aluminum, Galvanized steel, Polyurethane foam and asbestos.

The primer has good chemical resistance and excellent durability.
Product Uses

Epoxy primer XL-100 is recommended for use as a prime layer above the following substrates:

1. Concrete, bituminous membranes, wood, polyurethane foam, Aluminum, Galvanized steel and asbestos surfaces that are about to be coated.
2. Prime Layer for bridge deck waterproofing Systems.

Technical properties
 Color:    white
 Specific gravity:  1.1?0.05 gr./cm2
 Coverage  100 g/m2 = 70 microns
 Solid content   >60% (% wt)
 Application Temperature  10-35°C
 Mixing ratio  A=1; B=4
 Pot life after mixing @ 25°C  1-2 hours
 Dry to touch or before rain  4-6 hours
 Dry to recoat   8-24 hours
 Full chemical cure   7 days

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