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Putting customer needs first is what gives Pazkar its leading edge!

From user safety to cost effectiveness, from macro concerns to Pazkar’s products provide the solution you are looking for.

Our products address a range of needs and emphasize a particular solution. 
Pazkar’s waterproofing bitumen based, polymer based, or polyurethane based solutions for construction come in a variety of features and application methods: 

Different features are included in different products to provide the best solution to a range of construction factors. 
When exposure to the elements is a major factor look for these features: UV resistance, temperature range, water and vapor resistance; 
When the function of the structure is important consider weight-bearing support, durability, and flexibility.
When application constraints are the prominent factor, consider application methods, coverage range, drying properties and pot life.

Application Methods
Bitumen-based solutions come in the form of regular and self adhesive membranes or liquid sprays. Polymer- and polyurethane based product applications range from regular and self adhesive membranes, to liquid sprays, and manually applied sealants and coatings.

Choose the application method best suited to your needs, according to the quality of underlying surface, the area size, and the gradient.

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